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Groundwater and Rivers

The Southern Groundwater and Rivers Forum is an advisory committee of the Southern Rural Water Board.

It meets several times a year and provides:

  • An influential forum to help shape water policy
  • High-level input into plans for our Groundwater and Rivers business
  • A strong communication link between Southern Rural Water and our customers


Members of the forum include:

  • Ross Ingram (vegetables, Bairnsdale) – Chair
  • Peter Delahunty (dairy and lucerne, Warrion)
  • Matt Gleeson (dairy, Morwell)
  • Damian Moore (dairy and beef, Yarram)
  • Pat Toohey (beef and cereal, Springbank)
  • Tom Wallace (dairy, Kilmany)
  • Liz Clay (organic horticulturalist, Noojee )
  • David Hotchkin (potato and sheep, Thorpdale)

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