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Potential contractors are invited to attend an industry briefing session for the next stage of Southern Rural Water’s $60m MID2030 modernisation project in the Macalister Irrigation District, near Maffra.

The stage 4 works in 2019 will install 17km of additional pipeline, linking with the stages already constructed, and will include decommissioning existing channels and carrying out on-farm connection works.

The contractor briefing will be held at Lardner Park, near Warragul, on Thursday 6 September 2018 from 10.30am to 12noon. Topics will include a description of the planned works, project requirements, the works packages and contracting approach and the tender process. Macalister Modernisation Manager, Mark Poole, said that they already have supply contracts for the pipes and most materials.

“We encourage all contractors in Gippsland and beyond with an interest in these proposed works to attend the briefing, where we will be happy to answer any further questions,” he said.



Media enquiries:

Bernadine Phelan, Communications and Engagement Manager

0400 113539