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Southern Rural Water (SRW) is committed to growing its relationship with the communities we serve in southern Victoria. One of the ways we do this is through sponsorship. Our sponsorship guidelines are closely aligned with the Victorian Government Sponsorship Policy.  
Who We Will Sponsor
SRW will consider sponsorship requests from not-for-profit groups only, either:
  • based in the southern half of Victoria, or
  • whose activities cover communities in the southern half of Victoria, or
  • whose activities are water-related (in either Australia or internationally), or
  • to assist in disaster recovery
They should be involved in activities which either:
  • Strengthen local communities
  • Promote sustainable environmental practice, or
  • Educate, particularly on water-related topics
Types of Sponsorship

Types of Sponsorship

SRW offers the following types of sponsorship:
  • Community support – sponsorship for community groups, charities, appeals and events
  • Corporate support – sponsorship of relevant organisation events or activities such as newsletters or conferences
  • Staff support – sponsorship of staff involved in charitable events or extraordinary not-for-profit personal endeavours