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Many of our customers in the Macalister Irrigation District are running low on water or have no water left to use this season. The conditions for many customers is not looking great. In an exceptional season like the current one, it is important that water is traded.

We urge customers who are holding water that they are not going to use this season to attend the water trading day below. Your time to attend this trading session could greatly help a local farmer in need.

If you are unable to attend the below trading day and you would like to make your water available to trade, please ring Pam Crawford on 03 5139 3183.


Do you need more water this season?

Do you have excess water and want to sell some temporarily?

Then come to the Bundy Hall next Tuesday, March 19th to find your perfect trade!

Representatives from Southern Rural Water will be available on site with an Information Session starting at 11am and an opportunity to trade from 11.30am.

 Benefits for trading

  • Helps pay for your water account and provides additional income.
  • Gets water to other farmers who need it.

 How will it work?

We are providing a means to get both buyers and sellers in the same room, so that trades can be negotiated. Southern Rural Water cannot be involved in the negotiation stage, but encourages everyone with water to sell or those who are looking to buy to come along.

How much you trade and for how much money is up to you and your decision to make.

Southern Rural Water representatives will be available to help you with the next steps of the trade process.

What do I need to bring?

You will require your ABA details to complete the trade application.

  Tea, coffee and light refreshments provided.