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Water Auctions and Sales

Water auctions are becoming more common across Southern Rural Water and can be a good way to gain access to extra water either for production or security.

Where can I find recent water auction or sales results?

The results of past auctions and water sales conducted through Southern Rural Water, are published on our auction results page here


Opportunities to acquire new water entitlement in the Southern Rural Water area

New groundwater or surface water entitlements are available where the current licensed volume is lower than the specified limit. The preferred government policy is to release this water via a sales process, to ensure equity. The sale process is usually preceded by an application process to determine the level of demand.

The following principles guide the sales process:

  • Maximise availabilitywe will make water available as soon as possible, having regard to ease of provision and market conditions. This may involve a series of permanent (share) sales and temporary (allocation) sales in order to put the water into production.
  • Maximise the uptakewe seek to maximise the uptake by promoting sales and encouraging customer participation.
  • Fair market pricewater will be sold at a fair price, having regard to the costs associated in making the water available (e.g. cost associated with resource appraisals, validations and the sales process) and prevailing market conditions.
  • Fair and open processwe seek to sell the majority of the water via an open and competitive process (e.g. auction or tender), albeit with the ability to reserve some water for ‘off the shelf sales’.