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Heavy rain at the weekend has provided a boost to Macalister Irrigation District farmers, with a controlled spill from Lake Glenmaggie triggering spill entitlement for all customers.

Usage ordered and metered prior to today will now become spill entitlement, over and above their 100% allocation.

With steady rain across the state, including throughout Glenmaggie’s extensive catchment area, the reservoir has been filling over the weekend, with Southern Rural Water closely monitoring flows at the upstream gauges across the Thomson/Macalister catchment.

Southern Rural Water Managing Director Clinton Rodda said improved modelling and forecasts aided the decision making and planning by our Incident Management team, which overall provided excellent outcomes for customers and the environment

Lake Glenmaggie has increased from 151,305ML on 1 December to 166,840 ML on 4 December.  Inflows rose to 18,715 ML/day late on Saturday but have been declining since Sunday.  The storage is now steadily increasing in volume and is expected to reach full capacity during the next week or so.

Because Lake Glenmaggie has now spilled, SRW has announced that the allocations be 100% of high reliability water share. Irrigators have already used around 52,000 ML this season. SRW had forecast the availability of 40% against low reliability water shares from 15 December but this will not occur due to the storage spilling.  SRW will review allocations on a fortnightly basis.

“This is a tremendous outcome for our customers, as they now will have certainty around a100% HRWS for the remainder their season,” Mr Rodda said.