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Southern Rural Water announced today that it has lifted Blue Green Algae (BGA) warnings for Werribee Weir.

Manager Sustainability, Craig Smith said the BGA bloom at the weir had dissipated to levels where the warnings to irrigators could be lifted.

“Our regular testing has shown that the levels of BGA in the weir have now dropped,” he said.

BGA occurs naturally in waterways and can sometimes bloom to unsafe levels without warning. Blooms often cause a discolouration of the water and odours, however, this is not always the case. The only way to confirm whether the water is safe is through laboratory testing.

Given the recent outbreak, irrigators have been asked to remain vigilant and to report any potential blooms in the channels to Southern Rural Water. If members of the public suspect a bloom at Werribee Weir, they should contact Southern Rural Water or Melbourne Water.

For more information, please call Southern Rural Water on 1300 139 510 or visit



For media enquiries please contact Wendy Stubbs on 0418 805 697 or 9974 4739.