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Southern Rural Water has announced that Macalister Irrigation District irrigators now have 85% allocation against their high reliability water shares.

Excellent rains in the upper catchments have boosted the volumes in Lake Glenmaggie to over 60% and our Thomson Dam share to 80%.

Manager Water Supply East, Terry Clapham, said recent wet weather has allowed SRW to increase the allocation for the MID and regulated rivers from 60% to 85%.

“The allocation and the current position of Lake Glenmaggie and our share of Thomson Dam is fantastic news for our customers. It allows them to put solid plans in place for the upcoming season,” he said.

“We will continue to review our allocation each fortnight for the rest of the season.”

Terry said at this time of year the situation at Lake Glenmaggie can change very quickly and SRW continually monitors inflows to ensure our planning and customer communication reflects the current situation.

“We know that Lake Glenmaggie is super reliable, it has failed to spill only once in the last 10 years.”

He also emphasised that Southern Rural Water continues to consider flood mitigation throughout spring.

“Because Lake Glenmaggie is such a small storage compared with the catchment behind it, it has limited capacity to make a big difference during major floods,” said Terry.

“However, maintaining some storage space gives us the ability to reduce the impact of minor or moderate floods on areas downstream.”