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7 January 2022 

Southern Rural Water advises that a Blue Green Algae (BGA) bloom warning is current for Pykes Creek Reservoir at Myrniong. 

Warning signs advising people not to swim, fish or come in contact with the water have been put up at several locations around the reservoir. Southern Rural Water will continue to monitor the situation and will remove warnings when the water is considered safe.  

BGA blooms can come and go quickly and visitors are encouraged to take care and not contact the water if they believe BGA is present. Health authorities warn that this water is unsatisfactory for recreational purposes, including swimming or fishing and boating is not recommended.  

Blue Green Algae can be dangerous to humans and animals. It can cause skin rashes or itchiness; sore eyes, ears and nose; or if swallowed, gastroenteritis, nausea or vomiting. Boiling the affected water will not make it safe for use. 

 Pet owners should prevent pets from drinking or having direct contact with contaminated water. 

 Blue Green Algae may be invisible to the naked eye or may form a scum. The public is urged to avoid direct contact with contaminated water and to avoid water discoloured by Blue Green Algae scums. 

 People who come into direct contact with contaminated water should wash immediately in fresh water. 

 If experiencing a health issue you think is related to contact with water contaminated by BGA, please seek medical advice promptly. 


For information about BGA in SRW’s storages, channels and drains you can:  

  • call our BGA information line on 1300 781 806 for a recorded message detailing current blooms, or 
  • call us on 1300 139 510, or  
  • visit our website at