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Southern Rural Water has a range of actions planned this summer to ensure that visitors to Pykes Creek Reservoir can have a safe, enjoyable time.

As one of the nearest water storages to western Melbourne open to boating, Pykes Creek has become an extremely popular destination over summer.

Manager Water Supply West, Edward Smith, said the reservoir is popular for not only boating but also for personal water craft, fishing and picnicking.

“The majority of visitors to Pykes Creek are well behaved and have a great time,” he said. “But unfortunately we occasionally see some really appalling behaviour from a minority of visitors, both on and off the water.

“Anyone planning to visit Pykes Creek this year should know that Southern Rural Water will not tolerate that sort of behaviour.

“We have a strong commitment to safety, not only for our own staff but also for those visiting the reservoir.

“No-one should have to be afraid to come to Pykes Creek for a picnic or a runabout on their boat because of hoons and idiots.”

He said that amongst other things, Southern Rural Water will target breaking of marine safety rules, illegal parking, litter and vandalism.

The reservoir will be patrolled regularly throughout summer by Transport Safety Officers, both on and off the water, who will have the power to deal with offenders under the Marine Safety Act.

“We have prosecuted for illegal access at Melton Reservoir and we will not hesitate to prosecute repeat offenders breaking the rules at Pykes Creek,” warned Ed.

He said Southern Rural Water is also working with other agencies including local police, Transport Safety Victoria, the Victoria Water Police and the Moorabool Shire to manage behaviour at the reservoir.

Boat limit

He advised that Southern Rural Water is continuing its cap of 120 boats and personal water craft on the water at Pykes Creek at any one time.

“We strongly advise that anyone planning to come to Pykes for boating on a hot day, particularly public holidays, take note of this limit,” he said.

“They may face a long wait to get onto the water.”


Ed also reminded that Pykes Creek has a carry in/carry out policy, meaning that visitors must take home any rubbish.

“Our primary role at Pykes Creek is to provide water to our irrigation districts, not to pick up rubbish,” said Ed.

“Camping, firearms and horses are not permitted, and dogs must be on leads at all times.

“We also strongly advise visitors planning to swim in the reservoir to check our website first for any current blue green algae warnings.”

For more information, please contact Southern Rural Water on 1300 139 510.



For media enquiries please contact Julie Logan on 0458 333 328.