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Southern Rural Water received an application on 27 April to construct a new bore and for a licence to extract 20 megalitres (ML) of groundwater for a geothermal development on land at 1215 Phillip Island Road, Newhaven.

The proposed bore will be approximately 900 metres deep, from a hot water aquifer.

Submissions on the application are open until 4pm 8 July 2020.




Southern Rural Water (SRW) wishes to advise of an application to construct a new bore and to take and use 20.0 megalitres of groundwater for commercial purposes on land described as 1215 Phillip Island Road, Newhaven.

It is proposed that the bore will be approximately 900 metres in depth and constructed in accordance with the Minimum Construction Requirements For Water Bores in Australia. All groundwater proposed to be extracted will be sourced from an Unincorporated Groundwater Management Area.

Southern Rural Water is committed to an appropriate consultation process to ensure the proper consideration of relevant matters as prescribed by the Water Act 1989.

We therefore seek comment from any interested person or parties that considers they may be affected by these applications. Submissions on this proposal will be accepted until 4pm on 8 July 2020 and will be taken into account in determining these applications.

Please direct enquiries and submissions to:

 Manager Applications, Trevor McDevitt, quoting reference: CZ1571345 

P.O.Box 153

Maffra  Vic  3860

Telephone  1300 139 510