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Our Water Plan

What is water plan 3?

Water Plan 3 is Southern Rural Water’s 5 year plan for the years 2013-18, covering both strategy and operations.

It outlines:

  • what prices we intend to charge customers including those in the Macalister, Werribee and Bacchus Marsh Irrigation Districts, those who hold groundwater or surface water licences, and the urban water authorities and power companies to whom we provide bulk water supplies from our storages
  • what services we think are important to our customers (eg, a fast turnaround on applications, or reliable delivery in irrigation districts) and the targets that we have set for these
  • what projects and capital works we intend to complete during 2013-18.

Water Plan 3 2013-2018
Water Plan 3 Fact sheet – Doing Things Smarter
Water Plan 3 Fact sheets – Funding Capital Works in Irrigation Districts

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