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Our Strategy

The needs of our customers, the Victorian Government’s policies and the regional sustainable water strategies continue to drive strategy for our business.

Our vision is to deliver excellence in rural water management, driving growth and customer productivity in Southern Victoria.

As custodians of rural water in southern Victoria, we have an important role in supporting Victoria’s economy which relies on secure and reliable water supplies. We also have an opportunity to drive growth and productivity, particularly in regional areas, by:

  • making more water available
  • giving water users more flexibility and control in the way that they access water
  • keeping prices affordable.

At the same time, we need to ensure that access to water is managed sustainably, and that  our business

  • providing sustainable access to water in ways that are more efficient and convenient for our customers.


Our strategic focus is summarised by the strategy map below, which describes (from the top down):

  • our vision
  • the outcomes that our customers and other stakeholders will see if we’re achieving our vision
  • the priority objectives have we decided to deliver within the business, to create the external outcomes for customers and other stakeholders
  • the type of business we believe we need to create, if we’re going to successfully deliver the business objectives and achieve our vision.

Southern Rural Water also has a number of strategic projects: