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Southern Rural Water is responsible for 7 storages in its region, together with a number of smaller regulating structures.

From these storages we harvest and store water for irrigation customers, urban water corporations and the Latrobe Valley Power generators in accordance with the provisions of Bulk Entitlement Orders.

Southern Rural Water’s storages are:

 Blue Rock Lake
 Cowwarr Weir (a diversion weir rather than a storage)
 Lake Glenmaggie
 Lake Narracan
 Melton Reservoir
 Merrimu Reservoir
 Pykes Creek Reservoir
 Rosslynne Reservoir

Recreational facilities
Some of our water storages also provide a range of recreational facilities.
Storage levels
Storage level updates are available daily.
More information
For more information, please contact us.
Werribee-Maribyrnong catchment 3D map


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