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Up to 600 ML of groundwater licences from the Parwan Groundwater Management Unit (GMU). Applications
are open from 9am Tuesday 26 April and close 4pm Friday 20 May 2016.

Who can take part?
Eligibility is restricted to those who own or occupy land within the area.

To be eligible you must submit an application which meets the criteria, and supply the following information:
• Indicate the volume being sought and a daily pumping rate.
• Provide a plan for how the water is to be used. This includes an outline of the
business proposal or land to be irrigated and timeframe for development.
• Nominate an approximate bore location.

SRW will determine who is eligible to bid at the auction based on the above requirements.

The sale

The auction is scheduled to occur between 10am Monday 20 June and 4pm Friday 24 June 2016. The total volume to be sold is 600 ML. We will sell licence volumes by auction in lots to the highest bidder on SRW’s website “Waterbid” Only eligible buyers will have access to the sale. Lot sizes will be announced prior to the sale. The sale will be formally advertised by Government Gazette a copy of which will be displayed in local

Reserve price
A reserve price may be set for this auction after the applications are received.

After the sale
SRW will issue licences to the successful buyers as soon as possible after the sale. Licences will not be issued until full payment. If SRW does not receive full payment by June 30 2016 the sale will be void and a licence will not be issued.

If you are an existing customer, you must pay all outstanding accounts with Southern Rural Water before your licence is issued.

Application and information pack