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Pykes Creek reopens  

SRW has advised that Pykes Creek Reservoir has reopened for all recreational water activities after receiving results confirming bacteria (E.coli) levels had returned to low levels.

The Reservoir was closed on February 5 due to elevated levels of the bacteria present in the water, which remained high for 16 days. There was a similar incident which closed the Reservoir in January.

SRW has confirmed the E.coli detected during both incidents was a naturally occurring strain that lives in the water and blooms when conditions suit.  It is not derived from human or animal faecal matter.

The authority is conducting further tests and has sought expert advice on whether the bacteria blooms pose any health risks to the public.  In the meantime SRW will continue to prioritise the health and safety of members of the public who visit the reservoir.

Edward Smith, Manager, Water Supply West, said it is likely there will be further blooms while conditions remain warm and dry.

He said that it is important to note that Pykes Creek Reservoir is a large, open, freshwater storage, and its main purpose is to supply irrigation water to farmers.

“We are pleased to be able to reopen the Reservoir to the local community.  We will continue monitoring the water quality to ensure the reservoir is safe for recreational users.

SRW recommends that recreational users of the reservoir check the Pykes Creek Facebook page or the SRW website for updates.