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Southern Rural Water has temporarily closed Pykes Creek Reservoir for recreational water activities due to the detection of high levels of E.coli during regular monitoring.


The reservoir was closed after similar levels were found in early January of 2019.


Further investigations and testing from the January closure have indicated it was an environmental E-coli strain that ‘blooms’ in suitable conditions. Such blooms have been detected and documented in various reservoirs and waterbodies throughout Australia.


SRW, in conjunction with experts in the field, is undertaking further sampling and testing.


Public safety is always a priority, and the reservoir will remain closed until the water quality has been declared safe within recreational guideline limits.


Western Water has assured its customers in the Myrniong community that their drinking water is safe, and that they can continue to drink and use their tap water as they normally do.


The treatment process at Western Water’s Myrniong Water Filtration Plant includes a multi-barrier approach which ensures drinking water safety and quality for local residents. Additionally, testing prior to and after treatment is undertaken on a daily basis.