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With steadily increasing levels in Lake Glenmaggie, Macalister Irrigation District irrigators have been allocated 100% high reliability allocation, giving them confidence to plan for the coming season.

Inflows to Lake Glenmaggie from recent rainfall in the upper catchment, supported by snow melt, has brought Lake Glenmaggie’s annual storage volume to 148,775 ML or 83.8% and rising, only slightly less than the level reported at the same time last year.

Manager Water Supply East, Gavin Prior, explained that Lake Glenmaggie has a large and steep catchment area compared to its size, so it is able to recover quickly after rain.

Inflows to the Thomson reserve have also been above average for this time of year with a volume of 38,467 ML available in the model to help support our position.

This increase is good news for farmers during a period of drought, said Mr Prior. “The rain has given us some respite but the outlook for August to October is still dry with the Bureau of Meteorology predicting only a 40% chance of exceeding median rainfall in the local area.”

Mr Prior urged customers to develop a water budget to assess their priorities and plan their irrigation needs.   Those with excess allocation should make this available to other users either as a temporary (this season) or permanent trade.

SRW can assist with trading and partner with the Department of Agriculture to support irrigation planning.

The next allocation review will be at the end of the Spill entitlement period on the 15 December.